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Perfect for anything from drip coffee to espresso.
New to buying freshly roasted coffee, this selection will get you hooked!
These bold beans are a perfect choice for Espresso and French Roast brewing.
Looking for a bean that’s bold and smooth in equal measure, your search stops here.
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ShortD's (pronounced as 1 word, like shorty’s), is a local coffee roaster. We have a commercial coffee roasting room in Frederick, CO. Our small batch custom roasting ensures that each batch of coffee is of superior quality and roasted evenly to the desired roast profile, not mass produced. This process draws out the best possible flavor in each batch. Our roast on demand process lets us “customize” your beans to your own specific taste. After your first order, let us know if you loved them as is, or if you prefer your roasts lighter or darker… we can do this since we roast for you. Then we log that taste profile so your beans will be the same, specifically for you, every order.

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ShortD's Mobile

Our mobile coffee trailer "Beans" can bring fresh quality drink options to your party, event, or fundraiser. Specializing in Coffee/Espresso and Cold Brew, we also craft 15 additional hot and cold beverages (Hot Chocolate, Teas, Lemonades, Italian Sodas, and Blended drinks).

Want food as well, we can do that too! We have partnered with several local businesses to be able to provide pastries, food, and sweet treats with our beverages in one convenient package for you.

So, get in touch today and we will put together the best options for your event.

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Our beans are wonderful in any variation you choose. Use them to make espresso, lattes, and more.


We have five varieties of beans to customize to your preferred roast profile to help you brew your prefect cup.


Get our fresh roasted beans for your restaurant/café, break room, clinic waiting room, hair salon, or local meeting place.


Available for your events. Send us an email for details info@shortdsbeans.com.